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„Alois Nebel“ wins European Film Award

Who’d have thought it? The days and days of crossed fingers have paid off and Balance Film is overjoyed about THE film event of the weekend: the Czech/German/Slovak co-production ‘Alois Nebel’ has won the European Film Award in the Animated Feature Film category. We are proud with our animations produced in Dresden to be part of this extraordinary and successful project.

We send heartfelt congratulations to director Tomás Lunák, authors Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99, producer Pavel Strnad/Negativ Film of Prague and co-producers Tobogang from Slovakia and Pallas Film from Halle. 

You will find the full list of awards winners here:

‘Alois Nebel’ nominated for European film prize

Czech/German/Slovak co-production ‘Alois Nebel’ (directed by Tomás Lunák) is one of the three nominations for this year’s European Film Prize in the ‘Animated Film’ category. Up against the film about lonely railway station master Alois, for which Balance Film was responsible for large parts of the animation, are the Spanish film ‘Arrugas’ (directed by Ignacio Ferreras) and ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists’ (Great Britain / USA; directed by Peter Lord).

From the three nominations the 2,700 members of the European Film Academy now vote for the winning film, which will be announced on 1st December at the 25th European Film Awards, being held this year on Malta.

Everyone at Balance Film and the entire Alois Nebel production team are delighted by this nomination and are helping to make the time until the awards ceremony go more quickly for ourselves and all Dresden fans of cartoons and film by staging a fantastic event: on 17th October at 8.30pm co-author Jaroslav Rudiš will be presenting the graphic novel ‘Alois Nebel’, on which the film is based, in a reading as part of the ‘Voland & Quist Literature Salon’ in Dresden’s Thalia cinema. Exclusively and for the first time in Dresden attendees will also be able to see extended excerpts from the film.

On an autumn journey with the ‘Sandpixies’

Our ‘Da Capo George’ festival item from the second series of the ‘Sandpixies’ is seamlessly picking up on the fantastic feedback that ‘Hoppeldihopp’ received two years ago at numerous prestigious film festivals. This autumn the episode is now going on tour from Brazil to Albania, to London, Chicago and finally to the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. And long may things continue this way!

Here is a summary of all the dates:

24th August – 18th November
Brazilian Kids Film Festival

23rd – 30th September
AniFest Rozafa / Albania

10th – 21st October
56th BFI London Film Festival

26th October – 4th November
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

22 th October – 28 th October
International Animated Film Festival ‘TINDIRINDIS’ Vilnius

29th October – 4th November
International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film

‘Alois Nebel’ wins in Holland – ‘The Sandpixies’ to feature in Annecy

Our projects continue to do us proud at prestigious film festivals. 

At the Holland Animation Film Festival ‘Alois Nebel’ won the Grand Prix in the ‘Features’ category. The jury’s words of praise are published here:

We were also highly delighted by another invitation for The Sandpixies: ‘Da Capo George’ – the only German film honoured in this way – will be shown in the ‘TV Series’ section at the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy:

Merci beaucoup to everyone who has supported the series to date!

World premiere in Toronto for series 2 of ‘The Sandpixies’!

Just ahead of production work on series 2 of ‘The Sandpixies’ being completed, there’s the first piece of fantastic news to report: the episode entitled ‘Da Capo George’ (director: Ralf Kukula) is to enjoy its world premiere from 10th to 22nd April at the Kids International Film Festival in Toronto. We are all looking forward to Agatha and George’s frantic reappearance and to a wonderful time at the festival with ‘The Sandpixies’. 

There’s a very nice announcement about the film here on the festival website:

Series 2 of ‘The Sandpixies’ is being financially supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM). Alongside Canadian partner Zabelle Inc., the series is co-produced by German broadcasters MDR, RBB and NDR.