Fritzi & Sophie - A boundless Friendship

Animation series for kids
8 x 22min
Directors: Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn, Thomas Meyer-Hermann

The series is based on the animation feature “Fritzi - A revolutionary Tale”, which tells the story of the peaceful revolution 1989 in Leipzig from a 12-year-old girl´s perspective. In 8 episodes, the series delves into the themes of GDR everyday life and tells the story of Fritzi's friend Sophie, who dares the dramatic escape to the West with her mother. While Sophie starts a new life in the West, Fritzi gets caught in the middle of the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig.

A production of Balance Film, TrickStudio Lutterbeck, Studio FILM BILDER in Co-production with ARD, MDR, WDR, SWR. Funded by BKM, MDM, Film- & Medienstiftung NRW, MFG Baden-Württemberg.
World sales: Global Screen