Schriftzug Balancefilm


Heinrich der Säger

2001, 94 min, Director: Klaus Gietinger 
The ultimate railroad movie, featuring fantastic scenes, action, thrills, romance and off-the-wall humour. 
Balance Film made its debut as movie co-producers with the film ‘Heinrich der Säger’ (Henry The Sawyer), which features a high calibre cast, including Meret Becker, Rolf Becker, Katarina Krawzcyk, Alexander Beyer, Uwe Steimle and Alexander Kraehkamp. The movie ran in German cinemas in the summer of 2001 and has been repeated on ZDF and ARTE many times. 

This production was a valuable experience for Balance Film. Nevertheless, the movie does not form part of the company’s core strategy. 

Funded by ZDF, ARTE, the Central German Media Development Agency (MDM), the Baden-Württemberg Film Development Agency (MFG) and the German Federal Film Board (FFA).