Schriftzug Balancefilm

New Talent

Promoting the next generation of talented film animators is a key part of Balance Film’s overall creative work and area on which the company puts a particular focus. As part of its intensive networking within the European animation market, the company regularly seeks out new industry trends and looks for extraordinary forms of creativity and potential candidates for possible future collaboration. Always being very open to all sorts of graphic creative styles, Balance Film will also carry on continually employing / supporting talented young individuals in animated film production. 

Described below are a number of current projects by young filmmakers that have come about through support from Balance Film. This ranges from giving advice on dramatisation and technical aspects or providing facilities and equipment for animation, compositing, editing and playout, all the way to taking on the role of production manager.

Der Schatz (The Treasure)

2011, 10 min 
Director: Francie Nippe, Cut-out animation 
FBW-Prädikat „besonders wertvoll“
A little girl happily spends her afternoons in the garden with her granddad. Together they enjoy the early days of autumn, cut out colourful crowns, pick apples and transform grandma’s vegetable garden into their treasure island. But as the wind blows the last few leaves from the trees, granddad can no longer play and the girl has to learn to say goodbye. A film for children aged 6 to 9. 
Script & design: Francie Nippe 
Animation: Ina Findeisen 
Editing: Stefan Urlaß 
Composer: Christian Helm and Andreas Vorwerk 
Production management: Grit Wißkirchen 
Supported by the Saxony Cultural Foundation, the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media and the Saxony State Institute for Independent Radio and New Media. 

Die Nachtigall und die Rose (The Nightingale and the Rose)

2010, 6 min 30 sec 
Based on the fairytale of the same name by Oscar Wilde 
Director: Larisa Lauber, Cartoon / cut-out animation 
“Here at last is a true lover”, exclaimed the nightingale, as she spotted the young student searching in vain for a red rose, with which he hoped to win the heart of his beloved. The nightingale decides to help him and starts to look for a red rose. But she then finds herself confronted by a difficult decision. Which is more important: love or life? 
Direction, script, design & animation: Larisa Lauber 
Backgrounds: Matthias Daenschel 
Music: Max Knoth 
Sound engineer: Roman Strack 
Sound design: Florian Tippe 
Narrator: Andreas Sparberg 
Compositing: Nadine Müller, Martin Grötzschel 
Editing: Stefan Urlaß 
Production: Amsel Trickfilm 
Production management: Carola Kutzner 
Recording management: Grit Wißkirchen 
Supported by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, the Saxony Cultural Foundation and the Berlin Brandenburg Media Board. 


2010, 10 min 30 sec 
Director: Claudia Reh, Experimental animated film 
The film tells a story of the search for a fitting life form, in which the characters repeatedly begin all over again from the start. They come up against both personal and social barriers. Barriers that have been created by fixed values of happiness, which quickly prove to be deceptive. It’s a film about loneliness, insular existence, illusion, dashed dreams and new beginnings. 
Direction, storyboard, camera & animation: Claudia Reh 
Compositing: Francie Nippe 
Music: Johannes Beere 
Editing: Stefan Urlaß 
Kindly supported by Ko.Film. Financially backed by the Saxony Cultural Foundation. 

Wie Tag und Nacht (Like Day and Night)

2011, 6 min 
Director: Marcel Schröder, 2D animation 
A crow and a phoenix, relieved of their mythological duties, are searching for a new purpose in a post-apocalyptic world. While the crow once escorted the dead into paradise, it was the phoenix’s role to serve the living as an immortal harbinger of hope. Now, however, there is no life left. When the unequal couple do however ultimately meet someone, the page appears to turn ... 
Direction & script: Marcel Schröder 
Design: Melanie Reichmann 
Dramatisation: Milen Vitanov 
Storyboard: Melanie Reichmann, Alexander Pick 
Layout & compositing: Melanie Reichmann, Marcel Schröder 
Animation: Tobias Gembalski, Dirk Reddig 
Composer: Frieder Zimmermann 
Editing: Stefan Urlaß 
Production: Grit Wißkirchen 
A Balance Film GmbH co-production with Melanie Reichmann and Marcel Schröder. Supported by the Central German Media Development Agency and the Saxony State Institute for Independent Radio and New Media.