Schriftzug Balancefilm


Balance Film’s cinematic activities are supplemented by numerous photographic projects, which have climaxed in a number of extensive exhibitions and illustrated books:

Ballhäuser in Dresden

Dancehalls in Dresden) 
Revised new edition, 2007 – Published by Michel Sandstein Verlagsgesellschaft 
25,00 €, ISBN 978-3-940319-15-9 
Since the 1990s, Ralf Kukula has photographed the morbid charm and also renewed brilliance of the dancehalls in Dresden and juxtaposed these shots in this book with historic photographs of erstwhile splendour and dancing pomp. Alongside these Volker Helas unveils lots of interesting information about the lost dance culture and the history of Dresden’s dancehalls, which goes well beyond the confines of the local area. At the end of the book all of the former dancehalls within the area of modern Dresden are documented in picture and word. The result is an opulent book of imagery and prose on a piece of German cultural history from the early years of the last century. 

Ballhäuser in Dresden
Dresden – eine vergleichende Zeitreise über zwei Jahrhunderte

(Dresden – a comparative journey in time across two centuries) 
2006, Published by Hinstorff-Verlag 
24,90 €, ISBN 3-356-01089-1 
A fascinating illustrated book on the changing face of Dresden. An unusual feature is the comparison of four eras, with engravings from the 19th century juxtaposed with photos from 1905, 1945 and 2005. The book was produced in collaboration with Dresden heritage conservationist Volker Helas and photographer Lothar Sprenger.