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Promotional films

By devising tailor-made strategies for the appropriate dramatic handling, Balance Film offers bespoke solutions for persuasive and appealing company and product presentations. The array of our work in this area ranges from original cartoon commercials, via short films that embed the business idea into a brief story, all the way to classic corporate videos. 

We place great importance in the process on sensible potential for repeat use. Many existing long-term partnerships confirm the benefits of this working in this way. 

The Balance Film team is always happy to have an initial non-binding discussion about possible approaches. Below, meanwhile, are a few examples of successful corporate communication.

Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB AG – Dresden Public Transport)

2008, 2 x 60 sec 
cinema ads 
Script: Jens Wonneberger 
Director: Ralf Kukula 
Cast: Holger Hübner, Albrecht Goette (Dresden State Theatre), 
Jane Taubert (Saxony Regional Theatres) 
2007, 3 x 90 sec 
cinema ads 
Script: Jens Wonneberger 
Director: Ralf Kukula 
Cast: Holger Hübner, Albrecht Goette (Dresden State Theatre) 

Businessplan-Wettbewerb GmbH (Business development agency)

2007, 1 min 
Hans Sax and Fräulein Future 
Concept: Knopek & Clauss Design 
Animated trailer for Saxony’s ‘The Best Business Idea’ business plan competition. 
Commissioned by Business-Wettbewerb Sachsen GmbH.
2002, 1 min 45 sec 
Director: Ralf Kukula 
Opener commissioned by Sächsische Entwicklungsgesellschaft 
für Telematik mbh (SET Saxony’s digital economy development agency).


Die Dresden-Rolle

2006, 19 x 9 sec 
Complete concept: Ralf Kukula 
Each speaking for 90 seconds, 19 painters, graphic artists, dancers, actors, designers, photographers, musicians and film-makers talk about their home city of Dresden as part of the city’s 800th anniversary. What emerged was a fascinating mix of animation, documentary, music clips, short movies and experimental films. 
Festival participation: Filmfest Dresden – 2007 International Festival 
of Short and Animated Film, Hamburg International Short Film Festival 
Supported by the State Capital City of Dresden. 


1999 – 2003, 5 x 40 sec (cartoon) 
cinema ads 
Director: Ralf Kukula 
Composition: Olaf Ulbricht 
Animation: Jörg Halsema and Christian Biermann 

Deutsche Telekom AG

2005, 4 min 
Schools Media Offensive (MEDIOS) in the southern Leipzig region 
Image-building trailer to tie in with the ‘Schools Media Offensive’ launched 
in the southern Leipzig region in cooperation with Saxony’s State Ministry of Culture. 
2003, 8 min 40 sec 
Studying at the Deutsche Telekom College in Leipzig 
Promotional video about the requirements for studying at 
the Deutsche Telekom telecommunications college in Leipzig. 
Film updated in 2006. 
2001, 40 sec 
Cartoon commercial 
Cinema ad promoting Kabel Deutschland as 
the main sponsor of the Dresden Film Festival. 


2001, 16 min 
Plant construction expertise 
Conceived and directed by: Ralf Kukula 
Corporate video (German and English versions). 
Montage of the installation and commissioning of a new polymer 
plant in the Czech Republic shown in parallel with concert rehearsals 
by the Dresden Philharmonic. 

Arturo Prisco

2001, 29 min 
Conceived and directed by: Tom Röder 
A presentation of Dresden commissioned by Arturo Prisco, 
Italian textile magnate from Munich and investor in Dresden. 

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

2000, 12 min 
Kosmos im Kopf 
Director: Ralf Kukula 
Film commissioned by the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden 
relating to the exhibition of the same name by Via Lewandowsky and 
Durs Grünbein (German and English versions). 


1998, 24 min 
100 Years of Dumpling Flour 
Corporate video commissioned by the Bernhard Werner 
company of Freital to mark its 100th anniversary. 
The company invented the legendary Werner’s dumpling flour. 

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