About us

Balance Film GmbH was founded in 1993 as an independent film production company in Dresden. The focus of our activities are the development and production of animation and documentary films for cinema and television.

In animated film production we use in-house productions with refreshing and extraordinary graphics as well as special animation techniques. Since several years, our team has been developing series concepts, producing and co-funding cartoon series for TV, and offering expert advice and services in all aspects of 2D animation: character design, storyboard, animatics, animation, visual effects, and compositing. The focus of documentary film production is on topics from culture and history.

In addition to artistic cooperation in Central Germany, our focus is on European and international cooperation within the framework of co-productions as well as the continuation of the development of our own projects in the previous diversity and expressiveness.

Ralf Kukula
Francie Liebschner
Jan Mildner
Sabine Kraft
Elias Schwarze
Paul Siedler
Fatemeh Ghadyani
Christoph Magnus
Ina Gabriel
Robert Lehmann