"Fritzi - A revolutionary Tale" Release

"Fritzi - A revolutionary Tale" is coming to German cinemas on time for the 30th anniversary of the day of the Peaceful Revolution - October 9th 2019! We are also looking forward to the premieres in Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart. Here is the trailer of FRITZI made by Weltkino:

"Fritzi - A revolutionary Tale" - FBW Valuation

We are very pleased that the German "FBW" (Film- and Media Rating Agency) has awarded "Fritzi - A revolutionary Alte" the title of "particularly valuable".

Jury evaluation:
The FBW jury awarded the film the title "particularly valuable".
The film Fritzi -  A revolutionaly tale" is based on the children's book "Fritzi war dabei" by Hanna Schott and Gerda Raidt. Ralf Kukula and Matthias Bruhn have developed a more contemporary animation concept for the film, which at the same time is based on the classics of the ligne claire.
The story begins at the beginning of school in Summer 1989 in Leipzig: Fritzi's best friend Sophie went on holiday with her mother in Hungary, but did not return. Slowly Fritzi begins to understand that her best friend has fled to West Germany and only left the dog behind. For the first time she asks herself essential questions, which can also concern her: But why do we have to flee from our own country?
The search for her friend leads Fritzi rather coincidentally into the Monday demonstrations protesting against the wall, to the militarily secured border and brings her into conflicts in her school and with the state security. Fritzi experiences the city of Leipzig at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, always hoping and trying to finally embrace her friend Sophie again - until the girls face each other at the border.
The film Fritzi - A revolutionary Tale is an attempt to make the GDR theme clear in its differentiation. Some stereotypical representations accommodate the fairytale style of the film, but may also be due to the childlike perspective. Many aspects of ideology are gradually clarified through dialogue and presented in a way that is comprehensible to a child audience.
A great love for details is noticeable in the depiction of the milieu: Shop windows, classrooms, cityscapes, border fortifications - all this has been carefully reconstructed from historical documents and contemporary witness experiences. A differentiated figure drawing of parents and children accommodates this.
Classical cartoon technique proves to be an interesting artistic decision, especially since the simplicity of the figure design is in tension with the detail of the backgrounds, resulting in unusual effects, even though the narration is in some places a little kitschy and fairy-tale. The theme is illuminated from the point of view of children, who are initially involved naively and then more and more consciously. Politically, the film may raise questions in relation to today's developments that it is not necessarily able to answer satisfactorily. However, this cannot be blamed on the artistically, aesthetically and dramaturgically successful concept. The jury therefore honours the film not only as a children's and youth film, but also as a historical film for the whole family with the title "particularly valuable".

©Weltkino Filmverleih

British Pathé Archive Award for WHEN THE FOG LIFTS

The British Pathé Archive Award 2019 of the DOK.fest Munich goes to the project WHEN THE FOG LIFTS by Nancy Brandt and Ralf Kukula.

Jury statement:
"What can each of us do to counter the threat to democracy in Europe? How can we take a clear stance against the strengthening of politically right-wing currents? This phenomenon evokes unpleasant memories of a time in which Europe, in which Germany, found itself in a similar situation, can be described as a "threatened order". With their film project WHEN THE FOR LIFTS, Nancy Brandt and Ralf Kukula take up a theme that is highly relevant, both historically and today, which they want to present as an Animadoc by using an unusual narrative approach and rotoscopy technique. Martin Gauger, a young man from the late Weimar period and the author herself meet at different time levels. Using photographs as well as historical and contemporary archive films, the past and present are ingeniously interwoven. And there can't be enough archive material with everyday scenes for this. The jury believes in this very personal and committed film which Nancy Brandt presented convincingly."

Munich, 9th of May 2019
Jury: Andrea Bräu, Claudia Engelhardt, Dr. Kay Hoffmann, Simon Witter
The British Pathé Archive Award is an award for archive and compilation films worth 14,000 euros.

Photo: DOK.fest

News archive

MDM-Funding for Mr. Paper

We are pleased that we were finally successful and we are very grateful for the MDM-Funding for this great children's series "Mr. Paper", which we are going to co-produce in summer 2019. Produced by A Private View and co-produced by Beast Animation, Viking Film and Balance Film.

Mister Paper cuts and stics together the world that he wants. He lives in a paper house surrounded by paper nature. His sole companion is a cat. But thanks to his scissors and his childlike imagination, he is never alone. For every situation, Mister Paper creates a solution by cutting or pasting something new. He cuts a bottle when he´s thirsty and an apple when he´s hungry. Or he cuts a cow, so as to have some milk for the cat. And when the cat doesn´t feel like playing, he cuts a dog or a girl to take a walk with. Through his adventures, the world of children is brought to life in a playful, imaginative manner. A world, rooted in reality, where anything is possible.

IKTAMULI wins Golden Horseman at 31st Filmfest Dresden

We are very glad to announce that IKTAMULI won the GOLDEN HORSEMAN for the best Animated Film in the National Competition at 31st Filmfest Dresden. What a great start for the festivaltour. Congratulations to director Anne-Christin Plate!!!

Photo: Oliver Killig

IKTAMULI at the Filmfest Dresden

On 10th of April 2019 our shortfilm IKTAMULI celebrates it´s worldpremiere at the 31st Dresden Filmfest. Director: Anne-Christin Plate.

"Raven the little Rascal - Hunt for the lost Treasure"

On June 6, the movie "Raven the little Rascal - Hunt for the lost Treasure" will be released in german film theaters. We are very pleased to have accompanied this production as a service provider.

Little Raven and his friends embark on a big treasure hunt. Competing against the beavers they have to solve riddles and navigate great dangers in order to finally find the most surprising of all treasures.
Based on the books by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph.

A production Akkord Film production in co-production with Tatami Films and Universe Film. Directed by Verena Fels and Sandor Jesse.

"Chris the Swiss" wins Swiss Film Award

Swiss Film Award in Geneva

We are really happy to announce, that "Chris the Swiss" won the Swiss Film Award in Geneva von 22nd of march 2019. Nominated in 3 categories, it went home with 3 prizes: Best Documentary Film, Best Cut, Best Music! Contratulations to Dschoint Ventschr and filmproduktions GmbH! Director: Anja Kofmel, Producers: Anja Kofmel, Producers Sereina Gabathuler and Samir, Editor: Stefan Kälin, Music: Marcel Vaid.

Chris the Swiss - cinema release

"Chris the Swiss" cinema release

Our movie advice today: Chris the Swiss. Director Anja Kofmel goes in search of the circumstances of the death of her cousin, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the beginning of the Yugoslav wars.

Premiered at the Festival de Cannes and showing in cinemas now.

"Iktamuli" celebrates it´s World Premiere at 31st Filmfest Dresden

Out of almost 400 submissions for the National Competition of the 31st FILMFEST DRESDEN, 29 animated and feature films were selected. Also nominated is the short film "Iktamuli" (WT: Tony and I) by Anna-Christin Plate. We congratulate and look forward to many visitors at the presentation of the film from April 9 to 14, 2019. Produced by Balance Film.

"Iktamuli" is a drawn animation short film.
The film depicts thoughts and feelings of a mother with her so called mentally disabled son. While she moves with him through everyday life, her ambivalent feelings, her struggles to accept him as he is, get into her way. She can only change herself, her attitude towards the child.


The Newspaper „Leipziger Volkszeitung“ about the development of „The Odyssey“

Painting learns to walk: Oil-on-glass cinema animation "The Odyssey" is created in Leipzig – This article appeared on January 1, 2019 in the daily newspaper „Leipziger Volkszeitung“. A nice portrait about the ongoing animation at our studio in Leipzig.

Photo: André Kemper

"Fritzi" at the Vision Cinema '18

From 21st-23rd of November 2018, the 7th nationwide Congress of Vision Cinema took place. In the traditional final round "Film ab!", numerous filmmakers presented their upcoming film projects for educational work. Among others, Ralf Kukula presented our movie "Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale" to those interested in education, culture, science, politics, and film industry. The talks were moderated by Matthias Elwardt.

Photo: Konrad Behr

"Chris the Swiss"

On Tuesday, October 30th, 2018, "Chris the Swiss" celebrates its German premiere at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.

Hurry up, Herold!

Herold in the competition of the International Chicago Children's Film Festival

In the presence of director Francie Liebschner, "Hurry up, Herold!" travels to the 35th International Chicago Children's Film Festival. There it competes for the prize for best animated short film.

FRITZI - A Revolutionary Tale

FRITZI-Pressemitteilung erschienen

After nearly 10 years of work, now the post-production of FRITZI starts. Voice castings and recordings will take place in spring 2019. The movie, which is equally suited for young and old viewers, will premiere  on October 7, 2019 in Leipzig. Official theatrical release is on October 9, 2019.

Wider horizons

"Wider horizons" receives Film Prize from the Saxon Minister of Arts

Falk Schuster erhält in diesem Jahr den Filmförderpreis der Staatsministerin für Wissenschaft und Kunst. Kunststaatssekretär Uwe Gaul hat am 16.04.2016 während der Preisverleihung beim 28. Filmfest Dresden den Goldenen Reiter in dieser Kategorie überreicht. Die Auszeichnung ist mit einem Preisgeld von 20 000 Euro verbunden.
Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Falk Schuster zeigt mit einem aufwendig im Rotoskopieverfahren hergestellten Animationsfilm, wo die Sachsen am liebsten Urlaub machten, als die Mauer noch stand. „Durch seine virtuose graphische Präzision und Reduzierung auf das Wesentliche gelingt dem jungen Filmemacher ein kleines aber feines ästhetisches Meisterwerk, das gleichzeitig den Zuschauer in seiner 4motorigen Zeitmaschine bald 30 Jahre zurückversetzt“, heißt es in der Begründung der Jury.
„Ich gratuliere Falk Schuster zu dieser Ehrung. Der Filmförderpreis hat den Zweck - auch mit der stolzen Fördersumme von 20 000 Euro – bisher unbekannte nationale Regisseure und Produzenten von Animations- und Kurzspielfilmen für ihr künstlerisch herausragendes Werk auszuzeichnen und zugleich zu fördern. Das trifft auf den jungen Filmemacher Falk Schuster hervorragend zu. Das Preisgeld soll ihm helfen, eine neue Produktion anzuschließen und sich künstlerisch weiterzuentwickeln“, erklärt Kunstministerin Dr. Eva-Maria Stange.
(Auszug aus der PM des SMWK)

Half the Town

Kinostart am 05.11.2015

From November 4 to 10,2015, Director Pawel Siczek will be a guest in film discussions in the following cities: Augsburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich.

Fred & Anabel

Audience Award for "Fred & Anabel"

"Fred & Anabel" was awarded the Audience Award "Eco Bambin" in Paris last February. The young visitors of the 32nd International Environmental Festival FIFE chose Ralf Kukula's adaptation of the book with the same name by Lena Hesse as their favorite.

In April, "Fred & Anabel" will be part of the international competition of the TIFF International Kids Film Festival in Toronto. The Canadian festival is one of the largest children's film festivals worldwide and awards several prizes. In the short film category, there is both a children's and an adult jury as well as the Audience Award. We stay curious and keep our fingers crossed ...