Schriftzug Balancefilm


Balance Film has been producing animated films ever since it was formed. Initially, these were primarily short films that featured successfully at international festivals. 

More recently, since 2005, the company has also been developing and producing TV cartoon series, which stand out for their unconventional animation ideas and new formats. Balance Film can thus point to a continuity in cartoon production that offers opportunities in the fields of animation, design and compositing both for experienced hands and for young talents as well.

Klotz and Kiesel

2011, 7 min 
Director: Ralf Kukula. Sand / cut-out animation 
Karl Klotz and Karla Kiesel keep guard over their ‘Kingdom of Stone’ in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. When they discover that a stonemason is simply taking their stone from the mountains, they are furious and follow the ‘trail of the stones’ all the way to the Dresden Zwinger. It’s also there that the stonemason has his workshop. However, Klotz and Kiesel come to see what wonderful things this human is able to conjure up from their stone and end the film happy. 
With kind support from Saxony Property Management, Saxony Sandstone Quarries, Sven Schubert Stone Sculpture Workshop, Saxony – Land of Castles and the Dresden State Collections of Art. 
A Balance Film GmbH production commissioned by ZDF. 

The Man Who Still Believed In The Stork

2011, 8 min 
Based on the children’s story by Thomas Rosenlöcher (published by Hinstorff) 
Director: Ralf Kukula. 2D animation 
Once upon a time there was a very endearing, very likeable man, who lived on his own. Because he liked children so very much, he wished he could have a child himself. He therefore tried to find out where the children came from. And in the process he discovered many things. Including astonishment. 
The production is financially supported by the MDM, SLM and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. 

The Sandpixies

2009: Release of 1st series, 26 x 5 min 
Production starting on second series in early 2010 
Directed by Ralf Kukula. The world’s first sand animation series. 
What happens in the sandpit in the evening after the children have gone home?
Supported by MDM. Co-produced by RBB, MDR, NDR and Facteur 7 (Montreal). 

My Very First Wedding

2008, 5 min 
Film based on the children’s book of the same name (Meine erste Hochzeit) by Gabriele Kiefer and Sylvia Graupner (published by Bajazzo, Switzerland). 
Director: Ralf Kukula. A combination of 2D animation and collages. 
“Why does nobody want to marry me?” a little girl asks her mother. “But you’re only five. Isn’t that a bit young to be getting married?” she asks in surprised reply. 
Festival entries (a selection): Berlinale 2009 (premiere); Cartoons on the Bay 2009 in Rapallo (Italy), winning the Pulcinella Award 2009 / Best Pilot Film for a Series; 2009 ‘Goldener Spatz’ Festival of Children’s Film in Erfurt; 2009 Zlín International Festival of Children’s Film (Czech Republic); 2009 Festival International de Cinema Jeunesse de Rimouski (Canada); 52nd International Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film – DOK Leipzig 2009; Alé Kino Poland 2009. 
Supported by the Saxony Cultural Foundation, BKM, MDM and FFA. 

How Was It After All, Veronica?

2008, 4 min 30 sec 
Director: Ralf Kukula. 2D animation 
Composition: Gerda Raidt 
The post-war era in Germany. A young woman goes out dancing. Her boyfriend waits longingly for her and gets consumed by flights of jealous imagination. 
A film about love, jealousy and misunderstandings based on the song of the same name (Wie war das denn, Veronika?) by Bruno Balz and Adolf Steimel and the book by Gerda Raidt (published by Connewitzer). 
Supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the SLM, by kind courtesy of Boosey & Hawkes Bote & Bock GmbH & Co.KG. 

Mascha, The Tomcat And The Little Elephant

2007, 5 min 
Directed and written by Tom Böhm. 2D animation combined with collages 
A night-time story for children, in which the three heroes lack a bed, have to outsmart the hens to get one and make the little elephant fly through the air. 
Supported by the Saxony Cultural Foundation, SLM and BKM. A series of the same name is currently being developed. 

The Meadow Spectacle

2006, 13 x 5 min 
Director: Ralf Kukula. 2D animation series 
“It’s terribly boring here on our summer meadow,” complain the meadow’s inhabitants. The three inseparable friends, Alberto (the ant), Zwanz (the beetle) and Frederica Dovetail (the butterfly), battle against this, setting up the ultimate theme park! 
A co-production with MDR, RBB, NDR, Studio 88 and Animax Prague. 
Supported by MDM, the EU’s MEDIA Plus programme and MFG. 

Wutz & Wiebke

2005, 8 min 
Director: Leonore Poth. 2D animation series

Wiebke the goose and Wutz the pig are aiming to fly off on holiday. They are two friends who couldn’t be more different. Together they overcome the problems that arise in very unusual ways. 
Festival entries (a selection): Berlinale (children’s film competition) 2006; Dresden 2006 Film Festival; Cartoon Club Festival Rimini 2006; International Festival of Children’s Film, Goyang 2006; International Children’s Film Festival, Chicago 2007. 
Supported by the EU’s MEDIA Plus programme, the German Young Film Trust and the Hesse Film Development Agency. 

Woman Below The Ice

2003, 8 min 
Director: Alla Churikova. A combination of sand animation and charcoal drawing 
A lonely, homeless woman in the sleet of a deserted city. In her imagination she wishes herself back to a time of warmth and security, of a happy past that has gone forever… a story about death and deliverance. 
Festival entries (a selection): International Festival of Animated Film, Hiroshima 2004; Schwerin Festival of Cinematic Art; AFI Festival, Los Angeles 2004; International Winterthur Film Festival 2004; Golden Horse Taipei 2004. 
Supported by FFA and BKM. 

Passion Fatale

2001, 4 min 
Director: Alla Churikova. Sand animation. FBW ranking ‘besonders wertvoll’ (Excellent) 
A man being cheated on by his wife catches her in flagrante with her lover… 
A collage about love, jealousy and death.
Festival awards: 2nd Prize for Animation, ZINEBI, Bilbao 2001; 2nd Prize for Animation, Reykjavik 2001. 

Adventures With Fix And Fax – The Flying Gift

1998, 5 min 
Children’s cartoon based on the comic strip of the same name (Abenteuer mit Fix und Fax) in the children’s magazine ‘Atze’ 
Directors: Ralf Kukula and Udo Lemke 
Two mice, Fix and Fax, are given an aeroplane as a present and with it they experience their first great adventure. 
Supported by SLM. 

Power Station

1992, 10 min 
Director: Ralf Kukula. A photo collage film 
The story of an industrial monument from the Gründerzeit that reveals to the viewer the brittle beauty of a secular building of that time. 
DGB Prize at the 1993 Oberhausen Short Film Festival 
Supported by SMWK, the City of Dresden and the Cultural Fund Foundation, Berlin.