Max & Mops

2D Animation serial concept
Director: Ralf Kukula

Each time Max comes home, he brings an object he has built or made himself, e.g. a paper plane, a catapult or a wooden boat, to delight his best friend, the dog Pug. He wants to experience what the object promises: flying, skidding or sailing on the sea. In each episode, the two of them get from the kitchen through a secret tunnel, which starts under Mops´ basket, to another place where they want to play with the object. But stupidly, the object always accidentally breaks down or disappears from the earth. And at first glance, the place where they are, offers no possibility of fulfilling their wishes! But they wouldn't be Max and Pug if they didn't have a solution for every problem. Together they succeed in creating a new object, which makes possible exactly what they want to do. Due to Max´ blooming fantasy and Mops´ unshakeable zest for action they can fly, swim, float, paint etc. For example utensils of a sewing box can be used to build a flying machine or leaves and flowers can be used to create a ship. What an adventure!