Living in Space

2013/ 12 min
Direction: Katre Haav

Oliver Kukk is schizophrenic. Together with his mother, he lives in a prefab building in Tallinn. His childhood was not easy and growing up was a real challenge. When he went to college, his mental state began to change. At first, he became anxious and depressed, later he had delusions. When Oliver had seizures, he thought he was rich or flying through the cosmos. As a "scientist" he filled his bathtub with a dangerous household chemistry mixture. As he hallucinated, he saw abstract flying objects like in a music video and special effects like in action movies. The film shows Oliver’s journey to himself  a journey in which reality, fantasy, and delusion merge.

Today, Oliver Kukk sits in his office in a psychiatric hospital. Nothing reminds of his illness. Just ten years ago, he made phosphorus from urine and drew his own money. He did not want to believe that he suffered from schizophrenia. Today, Oliver advises other schizophrenia patients and their relatives.

Festivals (selection)
Short Film Festival Oberhausen; MashRome Film Fest, Italy; Kratkofil Plus, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden; International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film; Interfilm Berlin; Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Romania; Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Iran; Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal; Look & Roll Film Festival, Basel; Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland; Imagine Science Film Festival, New York

Jury Award 2013 Neurovision film contest Bernstein, Germany
2nd Jury Award 2014 Look & Roll Filmfestival Basel, Switzerland